Project Description

Joyous Wedding is a comedy filled with mistaken identities, misunderstanding and confusion. In the Kingdom of Jin were two princes, one ugly and one handsome. There were also two sisters, the beautiful Hung-luan and the ugly Hung-lin. On one New Year Eve’s night, General Liu Long-ching lost fifty thousand taels of silver which belonged to the public coffer. Unwillingly, he sent his sister, Hung-luan, to Prince Weng for a loan.

It was New Year day, Prince Weng went out to visit friends. When Hung-luan arrived, she met a handsome prince and mistook him as Prince Weng. She begged him to help her brother out. Prince Cen, the handsome one, did not point out her mistake so as not to embarrass her and gave her the loan. He was dazzled by her beautiful face. Hung-luan was moved by “Prince Weng’s” generosity and felt deeply attracted to him.

When he heard of Hung-luan’s beauty, Prince Weng wanted to marry her, so he had it arranged for her to be his bride. Meanwhile, Prince Cen under the name of “Prince Weng” had been seeing Hung-luan, and they were secretly engaged. When the real Prince Weng sent the proposal to marry Hung-luan, she accepted the proposal, thinking that she was marrying her beloved. As if it were not confusing enough, somehow it was arranged for Prince Cen to marry the ugly Hung-lin. It looked like four people’s lives were about to be ruined but just in time Prince Weng realized love could not be forced, so he repented and let Hung-luan marry his brother. And so, Prince Cen and Hung-luan were happily married.

晉國有兩位世子, 大世子公子宏生得相貌醜陋,胸無點墨。 二世子公子塵卻生得一表人才, 更兼博學多才。 晉國柳浪清將軍有妹兩人,大妹柳紅蓮生得豆皮盟雞, 二妹柳紅鸞為鳳陽城才女, 艷如桃李。 柳浪清誤失五萬軍糧, 被扣押在元帥府。 命其妹柳紅鸞攜親筆書信向大世子公子宏借款歸還軍糧。 農曆年初一, 紅鸞親訪大世子, 適逢公子宏出外拜年不在家。 紅鸞誤認二世子公子塵為大世子, 兩人一見鍾情。 公子塵為免紅鸞失望, 自認公子宏, 更代柳浪清償還五萬軍糧。 兩人臨別依依, 紅鸞更遺下耳環一隻, 被公子塵拾得。

大世子公子宏返家後, 剛巧紅鸞命人送詩一首給假冒公子宏之公子塵。 但陰差陽錯竟錯送到大世子公子宏手中。 柳浪清被釋放後, 親臨叩謝借款之恩。 公子宏趁機要娶紅鸞為妻。 柳浪清為報答大公子, 免為其難應允代問紅鸞。 回家後, 紅鸞因錯認二世子公子塵為大世子公子宏, 所以不思考慮便一口答應下嫁大世子, 使柳浪清莫明其妙。

幾日後公子塵親訪紅鸞歸還耳環一隻, 兩人互訢傾慕之情。 紅鸞之大姐紅蓮為二人準備美酒慶相逢, 將二人灌醉, 更將二人送進紅鸞閨房, 弄出一段雲雨私情,紅鸞更懷有公子塵骨肉。 大世子公子宏得到太后答允, 下旨將紅蓮許配公子塵, 紅鸞許配公子宏,錯配鴛鴦。 紅鸞為求解脫,竟詐死以避世;最後為歸還小儲君、假扮仙女送還愛子。 最後柳紅鸞與公子塵能否結合;請各位觀眾入場找答案。