Project Description

The daughter of Leo Tekming, Yudying, accidentally meets a poor scholar named Bin Gei. They fall in love at first sight. Yudying’s clever maid, Cenlan, promises them to be their matchmaker. Cenlan successfully convinces her master that Bin Gei is the most suitable prospective husband for Yudying and asks Dumb Lug, one of the servants, to invite Bin Gei.

Unfortunately, Dumb Lug makes a mistake and invites the wrong person, Zeo Tung, who is locally known to be a bully with a huge blemish on his face. When the Leos refuse to let Yudying marry him, Zeo Tung threatens to burn down their mansion.

The next day Cenlan asks Bin Gei to disguise himself as a woman so that he can go to see Yudying secretly in her house to solve this crisis. Meanwhile, Zeo Tung becomes impatient, so he comes to take Yudying home by force. In a rush, his men kidnap Bin Gei dressed in woman’s clothes and take him home. During the wedding ceremony, to his dismay, Zeo Tung is sent away by a local magistrate. Just at the moment that Zeo Tung has left his house, Yudying’s brother, Galing, comes to rescue Bin Gei and Cenlan. Instead, his men mistakenly take Zeo Tung’s sister home.

In the midst of this confusion, Bin Gei leaves for the capital to take the civil examination and hopes to pass it with honours. When Zeo Tung is free to go home, he discovers his newly-wed wife has been taken away, so he goes to the Leos’ home furiously to get his wife back. At the same time, Bin Gei has returned from the capital to marry Yudying. He is now a court official with authority and power and even the big bully, Zeo Tung, has to admit his defeat.