Rosa Cheng - Founder and Artistic Director

Rosa Cheng is a talented Cantonese opera performer who offers a versatility and diversity of styles in her singing and acting. Her career as a Cantonese opera artist started in 1993 and founded the Vancouver Cantonese Opera Company in 2000.

She has since performed in principal female role in many Cantonese opera repertoires. Some of her works includes famous repertoires such as “The Yang’s Family”, “The Peony Pavilion”, “Princess Cheung Ping”, “The Battle of Hung Jau”, ”An Imperishable Love” for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic “Cultural Olympiad”, “The Concubine’s Vengeance” and “The Legend of the Purple Hairpin” . She takes every opportunity to refine and deepen her interpretation with every repertoire.

She learned from many renowned Beijing opera artists like Mr. Siu Wah Lee, and Ms Xiao Fu Li. She is also an excellent teacher in Cantonese opera technique and singing. She dedicates herself in the preservation and promotion of Cantonese opera in Canada.


應國鳳自1993年正式踏足粵劇演藝事業;並於2000年成立卑詩省慈善藝術演出團體燕鳳鳴粵劇團。劇團成立至今共演出超過50齣不同劇種之傳統名劇,文場武打兼備,包括:楊門女將、牡丹亭驚夢、帝女花、穆桂英大破洪州、再世紅梅記、 紫釵記等。並為2010年加拿大主辦之冬季奧林匹克運動會之文化項目演出任、白名劇九天玄女。