This is a very new interpretation of Chinese opera. It contains traditional Chinese opera, drama and first nation elements. I really enjoy it. Since I am a big fan of Chinese opera, I would like to see more Chinese opera portion in your future shows.

This show can really introduce Chinese opera to the main stream. I admire your tireless efforts. Please keep it up. Looking forward to seeing your next performance. Applause.

I really loved the " play within a play segment" and am inspired to see non fusion operas.

Was wonderful! I feel I learned a lot about my Chinese neighbours and some of their history in BC. I feel I now have a beginner’s knowledge of Cantonese opera as well. Thank you for making this work available to us.

Video footage, multimedia and fusion music were interesting and enriching. It might help the audience who is new to Cantonese opera have an understanding of the opera format or conventional structure.

The story and your connection to the lead character and the fact you have decided to do this fusion work is heroic for sure. Yes many want to keep Cantonese Opera pure but there is room to evolve and maybe reach a younger audience who can continue the Art in other directions.

Everyone said they felt more connected, learned a lot, and loved Rosa’s singing!

I want to visit the Museum of Anthropology and am looking forward to going to see Rosa's upcoming opera.

This is great info and not something you would typically hear about. Growing up my mom studied Cantonese Opera and actually taught voice lessons. So this is really cool to learn as my mom never told me anything about history.

I had not made the connection between the popularity of overseas Cantonese opera and the discriminatory immigration laws of the US and Canada

Excellent event. So informative, engaging, and unique in its focus on both Canada (Vancouver) and Hong Kong. Please thank the panelists!

Try to watch more videos to appreciate Cantonese Opera, and watch out for the opening of the new production discussed in the program.

The presenters’ obvious enjoyment and enthusiasm about their subject and sharing it with others.

I am eager to investigate the online information about Chinese Opera and hope to attend a performance at some point.

I was not able to view the entire program so am looking forward to watching the full event at another time. The smiles on all of the presenters’ faces when I joined helped me feel comfortable and engaged immediately, though I had missed most of the presentation!

Learn more about Cantonese opera and attend Prop Master's dream

I was introduced to an area that I knew nothing about and the presentation inspired me to learn more.

Follow the upcoming show from the Vancouver Cantonese Opera group; follow Dr.Liu's future research; visit MOA to see Cantonese Opera objects.

Went to subscribe to their Youtube channel. I am South African Chinese with grandparents who came around the same time as the exclusion period. Though little is known and will be hard to find info, I'm curious to see if Cantonese opera was popular there. I suspect so as my grandmother enjoyed watching and my mom seems somewhat familiar with some aspects of Cantonese opera

Please send me ticket information for the Prop Master's Dream when available and I will share it with my personal networks and hope to watch/attend as well.

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